Your hospital needs to embrace the power of mobile to stay on the forefront of innovation. It’s all about being Mobile Ready 360 degrees. That’s your best way to chip in and be patient-centric. After all, you got to do a solid towards patient engagement.

You got us instantly! To perceive the mobile mindset accurately is the way to rock and roll.

We’ve taken a look, every which way. Down there, the healthcare marketing geeks and gurus got a wank-load of information, statistics, and advice to get mobile ready.

We’ll come out straight with the number crunching mobile frenzy. Alrighty?

Cisco’s Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update  predicts, “50% of the global devices will be smartphones, and as many as three-fifth of the devices will be smart”, by 2020.

Then you have Ericsson’s intuitive straight scoop. Ericsson Mobility report outlines why it is essential to provide on-time content. It points out that you could prevent hearts from racing 38% faster and stress level from hiking up 15% more. Moreover, it helps engage in quality social media (during next six years, traffic will be 12 times more than last six years).

Healthcare Mobile

That speaks it all. Convincing and targeted as it sounds, mobile is the way to create that lasting impact. This way you will be king of patient engagement, communication, and conversion.

How You Can Pull off with Your Healthcare Marketing by Making Google Do Cartwheels

Let’s jump right in and decipher the 101 scoop from Google. We’re talking about the comprehensive Google algorithm update. If you haven’t already sifted through what happened on April 21st, here you go!

It’s what Google calls—Ten things we know to be true.”

We would go and grab their advice instantly. It’s worth a million dollars. And mind you, number one and number five says it all. And captivatingly, though.

Let’s get to the core number one: “Focus on the user and all else will follow”. That’s so true. It’s all that takes to make your idea sell like hot cake.

The fifth one is even more of an ammo for your marketing to take off instantly. It says, “You don’t need to be at your desk to need an answer.”

Do you see what we mean? They pull the mobile market worth in a single statement.

And this is how serious Google gets about being mobile. Google says, “Pages designed for only large screens may see a significant decrease in rankings in mobile search results.”

Time to bring to the table, your mobile core competency and move things around a bit. After all, we got to keep Big Daddy Google happy at the end of the day.

We know how much you want to be the next creative digital marketing angel. You have to believe me and embrace these best practices. If you want more eyeballs on your website and digital presence quickly, this is it.

So just get rid of all those low hanging fruits in your marketing strategy. They will tend to drag you down. Focus your audio on this one: anything that exists outside the mobile radar is for you to cast aside.

Did You Just Ask Us, “What Type of Apps Create the Mobile Ready Outlook for You?”

Glad! You asked the right question.

There are gazillions of companies out there, scuba diving into the mobile bandwidth. They come up with the most breathtaking, out of the world mobile apps. That’s going to make your patients rock.

It’s you who’s got to put out feelers and range over to see what fits your healthcare marketing effort in the best possible way.

Here’s what we mean.

Reason #1 to Get Mobile Ready: Let Patients Get a Feel of Your Hospital

  • General Hospital Info Apps – Be there before they even set out looking for you! Get all you want your patients to know in their mobile. We mean, all that general info and the services your hospital offers.  Keep them engaged through a virtual tour, social media, event updates and gallery of snapshots. They’ll have fun while looking at facts. So you will have them whenever they need your healing.
  • Way Finding Apps – Get your patients to know you better. Help patients navigate through your healthcare system stress-free. You can execute this in numerous ways and get patients to see your departments and facilities. In short, they will know how they can get to the point they are heading. A piece of advice. The market is saturated with new technological advancements every now and then. We bet you must go for Geofencing, 3D maps, beacons and location alerts. Your patients will know who you are and admire you for making it easy for them to find you. In the bargain, you become more accessible.
  • Emergency and Urgent Care Apps – Let patients know you’ll be there during a crisis situation. Comfort and support your patients through rapid updates. Have them back on emergency support and on-the-go urgent care apps. With this, you could help them get to the urgent care destination they desire. Enable them with information like wait times, distance, maps and directions. This way, you will lead them by the hand during a crisis.
  • Apps for Outpatients – Give yourself an edge by getting the right info to the right person, at the right time. Get your outpatient services flow through mobile networks. Help patients access notifications and important numbers. Assist them to track fees and appointments. It could be your door to the next level in quality healthcare and rapid cash flow.

Reason #2 for a Mobile Ready Hospital: Let Patients Rely on Your Advice and Feel Comforted

  • Apps for Wellness and Advice – Help patients look up to you for guidance. Let them track their health status and keep them motivated throughout to pursue good health. Group exercise, reward points, and wellness tips are just a few aspects you can look at for a good start. It’s surely a great way to engage and keep your patients healthy.
  • Specialty Apps like Cancer Care, Pregnancy, and Childbirth – Give patients enough reason to trust you. Even if it comes to life-and-death struggle. Your hospital might be just as anxious about certain specialties. There is a lot of detail here, and it might get sensitive and tiring at times.

Why not get all the info in place? We are talking about how you would deliver healthcare? Pregnancy care and cancer care are just two broad examples.

The best way to comfort and guide pregnant women is by providing vital info. A pregnancy tracker, labor and birth guide, postpartum care and newborn care instructions will be great. That will help provide peace of mind.

Next, we have a little insight on cancer stricken patients. We must tell you that they will be more than happy and bond well with you if you help them track their health status.

Give them a treatment tracker, show them who will take care of them. Next, get them to be at comfort with your care team and update them regularly with lab results. That way, they stay connected to the care intensely.

Let them join support groups and patient networks. This way, they can share, ask, and encourage each other along this long hard road. 

Reason #3 for Why Mobile Healthcare Should Be There: Help Patients Feel Connected Even after They Leave Your Hospital

  • Apps for Tracking Medication – Make sure patients stay healthy and reduce hospital visits. Getting patients to take medicine on time is one big problem. If you can help patients take their pills and meals on time, half the battle is won. You get to see more smiling physicians than before.  So let your mobile app track their medication dosage as much as it does with their meals. Have them show how they feel about the medication. Finally, remind them regularly.
  • Physician Referral Apps – Create trust and connect patients with doctors. Here’s your key to building physician relations. With this, you will have what it takes to set up a streamlined referral process. Give access to physician profiles. Help your patients look up info about their preferred physician. You will be just one step away from a deep connection of healing. Also, this is your golden chance to get popular with patients. Just have them access to address and directions. Let them book appointments instantly at the click of a button.

It’s Time to Get Your Hospital Mobile Ready and Let Others Tune into the Mobile Mindset

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