Digital marketing has become a preferred way of conducting online business. As compared to traditional business practices, it offers a competitive edge to organizations. One of the major aspects of digital marketing includes campaign management, which indeed is one of the best ways to promote your business.

While setting up a paid account in campaign management isn’t very daunting, the optimization process is considerably complex. There are several challenges that hinder the process of campaign optimization and requires great effort to fix them. A quick overview of the key challenges, as well as, the possible ways to mitigate them, can provide campaign managers with better insights on running a successful PPC (Pay- per-Click) campaign.

According to Forrester Research – “Overall, marketers in the U.S. will spend more than $103 billion on search, display, social media, and email marketing by 2019.”

Low Traffic Due to Irresponsive Landing Pages:

Low Traffic due to Irresponsive Landing page is a constant problem that marketers have to deal with. Since, a landing page is the key element of PPC campaign, due consideration should be given to essential components such as H1 tag, one subheading, H2 Query form, highlighted USPs, clickable phone number, and valuable testimonials, while creating it.  Additionally, the landing page should be designed in a way that makes it responsive or mobile-friendly. This would ensure better user engagement, while enticing potential prospects.

PPC Management

Wrong Keywords Match Types:

To generate relevant search queries, it is essential to choose the right keyword match type. Most of the organizations fail to capture good leads due to wrong selection of keyword match types during the campaign optimization process. Some of the popular keyword match types include Broad, Exact, Phrase and Broad Match Modifier. It is important to identify your target audience before selecting any of the aforementioned keyword match types.

While Broad keyword match type ensures more number of clicks, the relevancy of the clicks is not ensured. This match type could be most appropriately used when the objective is to reach a larger audience. The syntax for this keyword match could be represented as, Keyword.

On the other hand, Phrase match type is recommended for targeting relevant search and impressions. The syntax for this keyword Phrase match type could be written as, “Keyword”.

BMM (broad match modifier) is the best amongst all other keyword match types. This keyword phrase match is targeted at audiences who are actually interested in a particular product or service. The syntax for this keyword match could be represented with +sign i.e. +Keyword 1 +Keyword 2 +Keyword 3 

Low Rate of Conversion due to Lack of Catchy Ad Copies:

In a Pay-per-Click management process, ad copy plays a vital role in delivering a better search experience to potential prospects, and thus requires special attention and effort. To improve the rate of conversion, it is important to highlight business USPs, and key services in the title area. Additionally, more details can be placed in the description part. If the ad is created as per the recommended way, it will surely capture maximum eyeballs, which in turn would increase the engagement.

Fluctuation in Bid Rates:

Bidding on expensive keywords just because they are a standard isn’t the right strategy. While experimenting with a high CPC keyword (to ensure conversions) is acceptable, it would be better to stop if it doesn’t work out for you. By using enhanced CPC, bids can be optimized spontaneously.

Capturing Missing Insights and Data:

Capturing missing insights and data from AdWords for making a profitable decision is an essential part of the campaign management process. Analytics play a vital role in gathering missing information, and also helps importing these details into the campaign platform. These missing attributes could include bounce rate, page per session, and average session duration, hour of the day, average time spent on site or percentage of new visitors, with complete user behavior trends.

In order to get the most from your PPC Campaign, it’s necessary to ensure constant monitoring of Google Analytics apart from keeping the aforementioned tips in mind. With all that done, you are sure to have complete control over your paid campaign.