Onboarding of newcomers is considered an insignificant activity in the overall recruitment cycle. However, it is this process of orienting employees to the new workplace environment, which helps them adjust to their new roles. For newcomers, it is not just an obligatory handshake or getting some forms filled. Onboarding is more than logistics: it’s personal.

Keeping the importance in mind, it becomes essential for any HR professional to handle the entire process very diligently. After going through the lengthy process of recruitment a day comes when the new candidate joins the organization. An organization only has just one shot to get it right.

According to Aberdeen Group, “86% of new hires decide to stay or leave a company within their first six months and new employees are 69% more likely to stay longer than three years if they experience well-structured onboarding.”

Traditionally, employees engage in tediously carrying out a lot of paperwork. Organizations continuously seek new approaches to make such processes more convenient. Nowadays, implementation of an e-portal which records all employee details, well before the day of induction, is practiced in mature organizations. This makes the process less cumbersome for all, and focuses more on building a personal rapport with the new employee.

Once the employee has been selected, the organization shares a link to its e-portal, just a couple of days before the joining day. The employee then fills up all necessary information including personal details, academic and professional qualification, career details along with various statutory forms like PF, Gratuity etc. On the day of induction, there is less burden on getting the paperwork in place and more room for interaction with the HR team and peers.

One should always keep in mind the 4 C’s of Successful Employee Onboarding:

Employee Onboarding

With a robust employee onboarding e-portal in place, organizations can reap-in long-term benefits. A successful onboarding software should gauge your company’s specific onboarding needs without being a useless addition to your existing technology heap. It’s worth considering the following points while selecting an employee onboarding software:

  • A Simple and Intuitive Interface: A simple and easy to use interface, can bring about a welcome experience for new employees.
  • Easy Integration: It is important to find out whether or not the onboarding software in question is compatible with your existing business software.
  • Paperless Process: Onboarding new employees can turn out to be a compliance heavy process. A paperless onboarding process, can avoid compliance issues and save your HR department from certain inherent risks.

As the cost involved in recruitment is very high, managers must understand that effective integration of new employees is critical. Implementing an efficient employee e-portal can bring about the following benefits for the new hires, as well as, the HR department:

  • Boost Morale of Newcomers: The onboarding e-portal offers a nice welcome to the new hires. It offers automatic task management, electronic new hire forms, and end-to-end process manager to streamline the entire process.
  • Enhanced Employee Productivity: New hires feel more connected to corporate strategy and culture, which in turn can augment productivity and efficiency.
  • Improved Organizational Efficiency: A robust software ensures the power to execute a quick, easy and accurate onboarding process. This ensures enhanced organizational efficiency.
  • Cost-saving: With a robust onboarding software in place, great savings in terms of administration cost, high turnover, and constant recruitment can be made.

Getting an employee e-portal in place also contributes to long-term organizational success. Though a small activity, the process has inbuilt ingredients of building trust, camaraderie and positivity in the mind of newcomers. It also helps reduce the time and efforts in documentation. As a result, it makes the recruitment process more efficient and guarantees a successful induction, welcoming newcomers.