With Christmas and New Year fervor still on, what else could be more amazing than purchasing gifts for your near and dear ones? With online retailing becoming an attractive and convenient option, shopaholics are having a blast.

Today, with increased internet penetration and proliferation of smartphones and tablets, eCommerce sales have reached an all-time high. In fact, online retail sales have grown at a rapid pace over the past several years with customers enjoying better buying power than ever before. Consumers are indeed displaying less brand loyalty and more inclination towards better deals and timely delivery services.

With consumers flocking the retail websites at a record breaking high this Holiday season 2014, problems across the retail sector is sure to surge. Retailers across the board are suffering the brunt of website meltdowns, resulting in failed or cancelled deliveries for customers.

Accordingly, retailers should look forward to provide better buying experience to customers by figuring out customer requirement even before customers realizes the same themselves. With Sainsbury’s and Waitrose to become the latest example of website meltdowns, the need to invest in website hosting infrastructure, site architecture and technology to ensure “best-practice e-commerce“, has stirred upon.


Amongst all the muddle, the question that still remains un-answered is that whether or not retailers be able to deliver experiences that will result in driving new traffic while retaining the existing ones. A quick glimpse at the following best practices can help retailors and their web sites look forward to what can undoubtedly be another joyous shopping season:

  • Adopting the Customer’s Perspective: For delivering great shopping experience, retailers need to analyze end-user experience. Adding tools such as Google Analytics etc. can provide them with vital information regarding customer preferences and how they use their site.
  • Improving the in-store Network Infrastructure: With large increase in online sales, it has become important for retailers to improve the functionality of their websites either by installing new e-commerce systems or by overhauling the existing ones.
  • Quicker time to Response: It is essential for retailors to ensure that shoppers experience a blazing fast, web and app experience across all traffic conditions.
  • Planning for Failure: In order to handle peak holiday traffic or mitigate DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack, retailers need to upgrade their network firewall hardware, or consider a cloud-based web security.    
  • Ensuring Security: For securing customer data and merchandize, it is important for retailers to keep their web application firewall rules updated.

To make the most of the massive technology changes, retailers at the very least should ensure the steady functioning of their websites, while being more flexible. By putting the right resources in right place, retailers can maximize their opportunities for a profitable yet safe shopping season.