When a customer steps into a shop with an intention to purchase something but leaves that particular shop without making any purchase then chances are that he/she will look out for similar products at other places and purchase it sooner or later.

As an online entrepreneur what would be your approach in such a situation? Would you let these visitors pass by your store waiting for others to turn up or work out ways to entice these visitors back to your store turning them into paying customers?

While this might seem impossible to achieve for a traditional brick and mortar store, it is absolutely possible in digital marketing where the revolutionary feature aligned with automatic marketing processes allow you to re-target every prospect who visit your online store.

Today, digital revolution has brought businesses across different industry verticals to the forefront by providing them an opportunity to interact and engage with their potential customers globally, through the web. However, not all prospects turn into buying customers. This is where digital re-marketing can change the entire game.

So, what is digital re-marketing all about? Let’s say a prospect locates your website through organic or paid inclusions, and leaves your site without making any purchase. In that case, a piece of code injected as cookie is left onto their PC. So, the next time they visit any other AdSense enabled website they would surely see your advertisement or re-marketing pop ups.

Re-marketing Process

The obvious question that strike our mind is that how the pop-ups trigger when customers browse other websites? Let me explain this through Google network. Google has a program called AdSense that allow users to keeps ads in their websites in order to earn incentives. Google team uses AdSense network for re-marketing purpose, which trigger dynamic advertisements and pop-ups while generating revenues through CPM and CPC model.

How to Implement Re-Marketing Strategy into your Website?

  • Generate re-marketing tag and place it over all those pages which you want to trace
  • Create a new re-marketing list and provide it a specific name
  • Tap the specific URL which you want to trace
  • Set the time duration of minimum 30 Days and stay committed to it

I have used a snapshot of a re-marketing list (multiple re-marketing list having specific cookies for different verticals) to provide you a glimpse of how captured data from the visitors of your site would look like. In fact, every time the page gets visited by a visitor the list keeps on populating.


4 Key Pillars in Display Network:

The key pillars in display network include keywords, Topics, Placement, and Re-marketing. However, I have personally found the combination of “keywords + Topic” to form a perfect strategy as well as one of the finest approaches for capturing tight demographic data.  Thus, re-marketing can be used as a business nurturing process, which can augment your brand. 

4 Key Tools to be used for Digital Re-marketing:

  • Google AdWords
  • Zedo
  • Atlas

How you Benefit?

Phenomenal Branding: Through re-marketing campaigns you can make your online presence felt effectively and reach out to your potential prospects easily.

Reduced Cost/ Impressions: Re-marketing campaigns are less costly as compared to other advertisement mediums such as offline ads and broadcasts. We get around 10,000+ impressions approximately on payment of just $10.

Improved ROI: As compared to the investment made, the revenue generated in terms of enhanced brand value is matchless.

Targeting potential customers through display network is worthwhile for your business. Digital revolution offers lot of scope for businesses across different verticals.  So, take the leap and dive into the vast ocean of digital marketing and discover an altogether new and better way of doing business.