ATM MachineThe first time I thought of this, I had the same expression ‘!!!’, but yes the future can be so different than we presently think. Have you ever thought of:

“Is your pocket size increasing or devices shrinking” …

Shrinking! “Yes” Shrinking.

Now some of you may say that we are increasing the size of our mobile phone, which is the most common device now-a-days, used by more than 6 billion people out of estimated 7 billion people across the globe. My opinion is we are not increasing the size of our mobile phone rather shrinking laptops. Now do you agree?

Coming back to the topic, in future, can we shrink ATM to an extent that it can fit in our pocket?


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But if you think otherwise, our smart phone that fits into our pocket will do most of its job, like:

bullet Generating transactions
The future transactions shall be generated through a mobile APP and by NFC (Near Field Communication) the user only need to tap his mobile phone on the ATM to get the money out of it.

bullet Replacing the printed receipt with the SMS
This is pretty simple, we are experiencing it now a days, the only difference is there will be no printers on ATM and you will only get SMS.

bullet Allowing others to withdraw from your account
The transaction created by the smartphone APP will also be capable of generating a QR (Quick Response) code which can be transferred to a friend. By using this QR code and a pass code your friend can withdraw from any ATM and the transaction will get reflected in your account.

bullet Some existing features which will remain in future:
1. Transferring funds
2. Bill Payment
3. Mobile recharge

The mentioned features are some of the jobs, it can go beyond these. Now, something unconventional may also happen.

Can you imagine an ATM without a monitor?

The future ATMs can come without a monitor to make them work even faster and reduce the bandwidth they use. It could look like an elevator tower, where you find elevator button, placed in front of the elevator, in some malls.

Here are some future-ready ATM prototypes:



So get ready to experience the future of ATMs …